daVine aims to empower humanity by building tools for the Semantic Web that bring about increased levels of connectivity, simplicity and (artificial) intelligence.

Empowering the Semantic Web

The idea behind the Semantic Web (also known as web 3.0) was conceived back in the 90's. A world wide web of linked data, which promises a much better global connected intelligence, and has much potential for artificial intelligence applications. A global transition towards web 3.0 technologies however, has thus far not happened.

Yet, over the last two decades, various problems have been overcome and the standards and technologies are becoming ever more ripe. But altough we are slowly seeing more and more big organisations embrace semantic web technologies, not many of the more 'regular' Internet places seem to be connecting to the Semantic Web.

daVine seeks to change just that. By developing new tools that harness the potential of existing Semantic Web technologies, we aim to offer highly innovative features to existing fields, and thus empower the worldwide implementation of the Semantic Web.

Products and vision

  1. Personal Open Webspaces.

    The first product we will release will allow users to create their own data structures, and instantaneously start using it to manage a dataset. To give some concrete examples: A user could organise his/her music collection, contact or friends list, todo lists or documents precisely as he or she wants, and start using the collection, in a matter of minutes. Make a group of todo items, connect them to a date, a person, a music piece, email yourself something when the list becomes longer than 10 items, the possibilities are endless. The key here is, that the user is able to click together a personal web app, in a matter of minutes.

  2. Natural Language Programming

    As we expanding the possibilities for Open Webspaces, we will mainly be enhancing the ability for users to program within the program. Since we define this new 'programming language' to manage semantic web data in terms of semantic web data itself, the eventual evolutionary goal is easy to see. Since the Semantic Web itself is built to enable reasoning capabilities, we can use this potential to make our programming language more and more similar to natural language. Meaning that not only anyone with a little programming background will be able to click together their own semantic web app, but simply anyone that can state their wishes in natural language.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    The Semantic Web offers great technologies to develop tools of Artificial Intelligence. One of our goals will be to create an open webspace where anyone can join in linking together the meaning and reasoning between words and groups of words. This leads to higher and higher levels of reasoning, which eventually leads to computer algorithms, that seem to understand what you say, and can respond to you, as if there were an intelligence behind it. We are already experimenting with first versions of these so called 'soft' artificial intelligence reasoning algorithms, which eventually we will be to use to make natural language search/site assistents.

Consultancy & Regular web projects

If you want any help with your own Semantic web project, please contact us at info@davine.org.
If you want help with a 'normal' web 2.0 project, please have a look here